Welcome to Red Creek Farm!

We are a small family-run sheep farm in Mendocino County, California, specializing in fine handspinning fleeces. Tucked away in a corner of Potter Valley, our flock of over 30 sheep spends its summers on irrigated clover pasture, winters on grass and alfalfa hay, and springs ranging in the hills. We practice Climate Beneficial methods and are a certified Fibershed producer.

As we adjust to life living with the Corona virus, another intense fire season, and a politically divided country, we remain hopeful and focused on farm life here. Our sheep are doing well and we have had an abundant crop of natural dye plants.

We are working hard to develop a formal Carbon Farm Plan with the help of Fibershed. Our current carbon farming practices include applying compost to four of our pastures for three years with a grant from the Healthy Soils Program, which we started last year and our prescribed grazing practices for the sheep. We will be adding further sustainable farming practices in the future. Many thanks to Fibershed for their help in this process.

With the format of the wool shows changing to virtual, we are relying on our website to present our products. All 2020 fleeces are sold out. I am taking reservations for 2021 fleeces. In order to purchase any product, you can email me at: peggy@redcrkfarm.com. Payment can be by check or credit card over the phone with square. I can offer sample cards of the naturally dyed sport wt. yarn. We are hoping for some new yarn from the Gilberts at Mendocino Wool and Fiber soon.


2020 Fiber Events

May 23

Retzlaff Winery, Livermore, CA


September 18-20

California Wool and Fiber Festival


October 3-4

Lambtown, Dixon, CA

November 12-14

Fibershed Symposium