Welcome to Red Creek Farm!

We are a small family-run sheep farm in Mendocino County, California, specializing in fine handspinning fleeces. Tucked away in a corner of Potter Valley, our flock of over 30 sheep spends its summers on irrigated clover pasture, winters on grass and alfalfa hay, and springs ranging in the hills. We practice Climate Beneficial methods and are a certified Fibershed producer.

Spring News  
All the ewes have been growing beautiful fleeces and we are looking forward to shearing in April. We’ve had a very dry winter, but are hoping for a wetter March and April. The garden is being prepared for more dye plant production. 

2020 Fiber Events

May 9

Barn to YarnRod Shippey Hall, Hopland Field Station, CA

May 23

Retzlaff Winery, Livermore, CA 

July 17-18

Wine Country Yarn Hop, Fiber Circle Studio, Cotati, CA

September 18-20

California Wool and Fiber Festival, Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show, Boonville, CA

October 3-4

Lambtown, Dixon, CA