Welcome to Red Creek Farm!
We are a small family-run sheep farm in Mendocino County, specializing in fine handspinning fleeces. Tucked away in a corner of Potter Valley, California, our flock of over 30 sheep spends its summers on irrigated clover pasture, winters on grass and alfalfa hay, and springs ranging in the hills. 

We sell raw fleeces, natural colored and hand-dyed roving, hand-spun and mill-spun yarn. Washable tanned lambskins are also available. For inquiries concerning our products or to schedule farm visits, please contact peggy@redcrkfarm.com.

          Spring News  
New lot of white sport weight yarn from processed by Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. 3/4 Merino/1/4 Lincoln. Beautiful soft, shiny with great stitch definition. Email for more information and samples.

Lambs are coming a little later this year than usual. We are expecting the first ones any day now. We have had abundant rains so far providing green grass for all.