Welcome to Red Creek Farm!

We are a small family-run sheep farm in Mendocino County, California, specializing in fine hand spinning fleeces. Tucked away in a corner of Potter Valley, our flock of over 30 sheep spends its summers on irrigated clover pasture, winters on grass and alfalfa hay, and springs ranging in the hills. We practice Climate Beneficial methods working on our Carbon Farm Plan and are a certified Fibershed producer.

We have been busy with our farm chores this season. We are about to receive our third and last application of compost for our pastures from the HSP program. Our soil tests have shown steady improvement and the pastures have been doing well in spite of heat and drought. We have added more rotation for our pastures much to the delight of the sheep and will be planting our first hedgerow this winter.

We are excited to add two new yarns to our collection created by Mendocino Wool and Fiber Mill. One is a white, 2 ply sport weight from our Merino/Cormo/Wensleydale cross sheep-- very shiny and soft. The other is a fawn colored DK weight Merino/Alpaca blend, a lovely color with a soft hand.

2022 fleeces can be reserved by emailing me at peggy@redcrkfarm.com


Fibershed Symposium

Nov. 13, 2021